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Love, Sleep, Play and Pamper!

In the blissful phase of parenting, you do everything in your capacity to keep your baby safe and happy. Here are some pampering ideas to keep your love bubbles safe and sound.

Pamper them with Love

Did you know that diaper changing time is actually a great bonding time for parents?  After the baby has done poo-ing or pee-ing, they are probably in peace with themselves. They are in their zen mode and it is the best time to connect with them. Sing a song as you change the diaper, tell them a story. With those lovely graphics in pampers, it makes story telling easier. Your child would feel very safe listening to her customized pamper story and her skin, ever so soft.

Pamper them while they sleep

Never, ever, deprive a child of his or her sleep, especially in the nights. That is the time her organs grow, the pediatricians say. Babies always know what they want and they will cry their way to let you know.  So, relax, put on those pampers dry pants on your baby and have a good night’s sleep.  They are foolproof and safe during nights.

Pamper them during playtime

What can put off a baby’s mood than a soiled diaper? Don’t let it spoil your child’s precious playtime moments. They could be trying to turnover, trying to hold on to a toy or they could even be trying to take a few steps further.  You wouldn’t want a wet diaper interfering in your child’s milestone moments. When you think your baby’s diaper is full, check her and make sure you keep her dry during all times. Put on some nappy rash cream with zinc oxide in them and let them get into their playful worlds with joy.

Pamper their emotions

A mom can tell when a baby needs to be fed. She can certainly tell when her baby needs a diaper change as well. Although babies only cry to communicate, they indicate that something is going on with them when they do so. So, pay attention to every emotion of your baby and make them feel safe. They even let you know of their preference of diapers by crying it out, trust me, I know. I once used a different diaper brand and all hell broke loose and when I was back to using Pampers, my baby was all smiles.

Pamper them with pampers

Be it an all-poo day or an all-pee day, remember that you can rely on Pampers like no other. Always stock up on pampers when there are offers and make sure you do what is safe for your baby and her skin. 

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

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