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Ever Yours, Vincent.

Never in a thousand years did I think I would be obsessed with a late, delusional psycho who was also an exceptional artist and a noteworthy character with a peculiar interest for romance.

My affair started around 8 years back; a time when I had started writing and blogging for the first time. I visited this pop-up museum of contemporary art which showcased Vincent Van Gogh’s choicest documentaries. Many of his famous paintings were also on display. That was the day I fell in love, with his art, with the way he loved, with the way he expressed himself before he fell into life’s inevitable trap.

The beautiful yellowish hues that dominated his paintings, the sunflowers, the potato eaters and the starry night which comes alive in my dreams every night. Those letters he wrote his brother Theo with care, love and a pinch of attitude. That unconditional brotherly love, that aimless love he showed his friend and mentor Gauguin, that love he showed the random women he saw and painted, that love he showed the prostitutes, that obsessive love – all of this love, the overdose of it must have poisoned him, I imagine.

A beautifully lit Coffee table at the Van Gogh Senses Restaurant, Hong Kong

Coming back to reality, I want to share with you some pictures of a place I recently visited. It is a restaurant in the Southern Kowloon area in Hong Kong called ‘Van Gogh Senses’. I actually lost my mind (Senses) when I bumped into this restaurant rather accidentally. It was such a beautiful surprise. I went inside all by myself, leaving my family behind (like those in an affair actually do) ;) I was so tempted to spend all my time in that place that boasted some of Vincent’s paintings, some modern versions of his paintings, his books, his portraits and of course some very expensive food.

A nice, curved hallway that leads to the main restaurant from the Cafe.

The Sunflowers by Vincent

They say be a Roman when in Rome but I couldn’t help but act all touristy when I got inside. It was not dinner time yet and neither was I going to have dinner alone. So, I asked if they had coffee. I ordered a Café Mocha, as usual, without looking at the menu. I gave an extra 12 $ for the coffee which I didn’t mind at all and the reason is, well, Vincent. I would have spent a lot of time and money had it been any other time of the day. As my coffee was getting brewed, I asked the barista if I could take pictures. He hesitantly agreed. I understood it was not encouraged but still went ahead, took pictures of my favorite artist of all times. I went crazy, I bent down on one of the coffee tables to get the reflection of his Yellow house painting. I almost tripped and fell as I was trying to read the author of one of his books that was in display.

A perfect reflection of the yellow house painting on one of the restaurant's dining tables.

“Your coffee is ready M’aam”, the barista snorted. I ignored him as I took a deep breath, inhaled as much of Vincent as I could and swore under the same breath that I would come back leisurely to visit him, some other day. I would spend more time, take less pictures, have a hearty meal, but just some other day.

Carrying the 50$ Café Mocha (in a beautiful yellow-y Vincent-y cup) like a treasured diamond folded in my arms, I walked out shyly not wanting to face the world outside. I didn’t want to share this coffee for goodness sake!!! (But I always share coffee). I felt like I was hiding my affair from my family. I wanted to say “Please don’t ask me where I was, please don’t ask me what I bought” 

My Prized Possession - I Love the Coffee Stains too. 

Well, I did tell them about it and that I would come back leisurely some other day, alone.

I shared the coffee but the memory and the cup stays with me. These pictures too. The next time I go there, I want to seem like a local (because I don't want attention), I want to enjoy every bit of the Vincent experience, I want to hold those books in display (now, this one could be tricky). I want to eat like a European, just once. A vegetarian - European, of course.

I will write more about my crazy episodes about my scandalous affair here. Hang in there!

Yours truly,


  1. Thanks for your wonderful blog post about your “affair” with Vincent Van Gogh. He died at the young age of 37. He made more than 900 paintings. But sold only one painting during his life time.

    When you mention the high $ price for coffee, I hope it is Hong Kong $ and not US $.

    1. Thanks SG. Yes, I do know of the tragic life he lived. But I am just glad we acknowledge it now.

      The coffee price is Hong Kong $., sorry I didnt mention that. :)

  2. You write so well Roh... They way you described Vincent and his art shows how much of a fan you are. The reflection picture is so beautiful. And that cup is going to be a souvenir... 😀

    1. thanks a lot for the comments, Bajiiii :) yea yea, I am his fan only... I want to visit Southern France, Amsterdam and Belgium some day to get a glimpse of his real works :) lol yea, that cup is definitely a souvenir. :D

  3. Hi, extremely nice effort. everybody should scan this text. Thanks for sharing.


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