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Monsoon Pinks and Blues

A place where rain strikes and strikes rain. There, in eight words you have a perfect description of Kerala.  I got to patent these words because plagiarists of all kinds are out there waiting to flick ingenious one-liners like this one and post it in twitter as their own. Well, that was some felonious modesty in display to start with.
Monsoon chivalrously visiting Kerala in the first week of June, just as the weather office forecasted is stark irony. It is nevertheless a pleasurable experience. From advertisements of umbrellas on the telly to sprouting of tiny little mushrooms, the whole of rainy season is a blessing. Sipping hot green tea from a cozy balcony with wet daisies and balsams smiling at you is certainly bliss.

On second thoughts, I reckon it would not be so delightful for people living in huts on hilly areas, for those living near seas and for those making a living out of farming crops. So many people die due to monsoon-related incidents in Kerala. Some reports even state that Global Warming is one of the major causes of heavy rainfall here; some say there could be an advent of El Nino effect this season. Lightning attacks, of course are a natural calamity but think about people without shelter, think about the crops damage estimated at crores and crores of rupees every year. It is anything but bliss, isn't it?

Think about it!


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