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Scientific research indicates sea levels worldwide have been rising at a rate of 0.14 inches (3.5 millimeters) per year since the early 1990s. The trend, linked to global warming, puts thousands of coastal cities, like Venice, Italy, (seen here during a historic flood in 2008), and even whole islands at risk of being claimed by the ocean. – NAT GEO

Five years ago, there used to be occasional articles on Global warming (most of them written by former US Vice President Al Gore) in the newspaper daily I read.I used to collect those paperclips and what I saw was an astounding revelation. It is a serious issue which none of us bother to think about. I don’t want to die drowning, nor can I let my future drown because of what we are doing daily, consciously and unconsciously. The reason for my post is not because it is world environment day today, it is not because I suddenly care about the rising sea levels, it is not because an alarm went off in my head today and I want to act, but it is because I read this wonderful article written by the founder of Environmentalist Foundation of India (EFI), Arun Krishnamurthy, who is a friend.
Here is the article which was published in the latest edition of The Hindu’s Young world – Please do not miss to read the ‘What you can do?’ part here -
I am blogging about this because; he has clearly given us an ‘action-item’ and he is not the kind of preacher you see every day. He gives us a project which can give every one of us a start, a little something to act upon. He is living a million people’s dream to keep our environment clean. He dirties his clothes, he cleans the dirtiest of lakes around us and he protects turtles from polluted seas and all this after voluntarily quitting a handsome job at Google. What could be more inspiring, people?

From my hazy memory, let me share a little something about Arun. We were in Class 7, a class with a meek strength of 21 in Good Earth (a Jiddu Krishnamurti school), a school which is extraordinary in the sense that nature is a part of the whole teaching and learning experience. Arun was unlike other boys who indulged in playing cricket, kabadi and football; he played this remarkably interesting game called ‘Pole to Pole’ with us (the girls). We played it on trees and not on poles, here, all of us have to run from one tree to another while the ‘catcher’ has to run faster to get hold of one of the trees before a one of us does. If the catcher does that, the person who misses to touch the tree would be the next catcher. It is a great game and we used to love it. Trees are magical; I really think those trees passed on something precious to him. I am so proud of this chap J

Here are some links to know more about EFI, Arun and their initiatives:


I have started my journey towards doing my part to our environment. Have you?



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