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Diet Horror Story

Food in the time of dieting. This is exactly like love in the time of Cholera, only, here, the love is for food.

Your cravings are at an all-time high, you surprisingly become more lazy, you feel anxious when eating out, you are looking up every diet plan there is in the planet, your best friend suddenly looks thinner, your weighing machine needs repair and perhaps you are even subconsciously praying to god to help you shed those extra luggage.

It is not because you have started eating a pea less than before that your body feels so weird when you start a diet. No. If you have any of these symptoms , trust me, your body has nothing to do with it. I am not a diet expert or an aspiring model, but I know what I am talking about. I have been through this outrageously pathetic stage of my life during my adolescence when I felt that cringing need to diet when some really jobless people called me a pumpkin, literally. I was too young to reason with myself. I started this tailored diet plan which involved eating pitiful portions of food and drinking gallons of green tea. It started working after a seemingly eternal wait of 5 months, and yes, I started losing weight. Not just weight. I was so high with green tea and lost in the vanity of my beautifully transforming bod that I forgot how much green tea I drank in a day or in the night. After a good 10 months, my body was what one would normally call beautiful. I didn't have those dark layers of fat deposits around my neck anymore and hey my neck was finally visible. My collar bones were prominent and deep, I could have filled up a shot of vodka in them and sipped’em off in style. I saw my jawline for the first time in ages. My eyes looked bigger and I was compared to Anushka Sharma even. (Please don’t.) It was what seemed like light at the end of the tunnel.

But then, life happened.

For those who went through the repercussions of mindless, rigorous dieting can skip the story that is about to follow.

Yes, life happened. I mean, life happened in the true sense of it with all its glory and crumbled my vanity. It was like a cotton bud bursting a balloon. It can happen without a pin and it can still be hard hitting. I started to faint, faint when there was no one at home, faint when waiting for the bus to arrive, faint when using the bathroom, faint multiple times in a day. It was that bad. Weakness took over, I couldn't study, I couldn't play, I couldn't stand continuously, I couldn't live. Oh wait, it was not that bad, but close enough.

Conjunctivitis, Anemia, Chicken pox, stretch marks and likes found its way into my body. I was so addicted to green tea that I couldn't stop drinking even after all this. My recovery period took more time than what it took to be back in shape.

You could be curvy, flat or contoured, with tummy or no tummy, abs or no abs; only a healthy body is a fit body. I gave up my favorite green tea (except for very occasional chilled and flavored ones) but my journey towards weight loss continues. This time it is not for any tom, dick and harry but just for me.

I realize that too much of anything is good for nothing and that is my fitness mantra too.

Here is a picture of what I had for lunch today:


  1. Good to see your blog post after a very long time. I agree. Too much of anything is not good. Also, being chubby is not a bad thing. Mona Lisa is chubby.

    I, as always, like your descriptions. Fill up a shot of vodka on your prominent and deep collar bones. HaHaHa.


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  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.


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