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Pause. Rewind. Play.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

I do not usually write a post as personal as this but I couldn't stop myself; got to give it to blogadda’s ‘Back in time’ for that. Not that I need an opportunity to wake up one day as a 5 year old or to go back in time; I can do the following even now. It is fact enough however that I am a grown up when I am writing about the things I’d do ‘if’ I were 5 year old. It is silly to be confining this opportunity to just a few things but I have the liberty to be silly being in the shoes of a 5 year old, right?

So, without much ado, here goes my list:

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Unwinding the reels and reels of tape from a cassette; I have killed some good music, folks! Phil Collins, I am sorry dude! I wish, I so wish I could get hold of one right now *evil grin*
Just being - Yes, just being the naughty little kid I am, not trying to please anybody for anything else other than candies, toffees, bubble gums, balloons, stickers, jellies, cream biscuits, cherries on top of every birthday cake of others and mine and the train toy of course.
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Collecting pebbles at every chance I go outdoors to play. Playing with mud, water and getting mighty dirty. Hanging around all day under Gulmohar trees; using up their leaves and flowers for lunch and breakfast whilst playing the infamous ‘Family’ game with my chaddi buddies.
Running like hell - If you are wondering, well, yes, I can do that as a grown up as well but not unless a lizard peels off the ceiling just when I enter the bathroom. As a 5 year old, I’d run at every opportunity. I’d love to do that now, especially when I am caught red-handed at something.
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Counting Ganeshas – This used to be my favorite, most auspicious hobby. It was the very essence of my travel interests as a Tamilian. Almost every other street corner had tiny temples with Ganesha’s in them. I used to count every single one of them during our short trips to relatives places or to the zoo. I would love to revive that interest.
Having a doll house with all the kitchen essentials, mini closets, mini cookers and stoves, I’d love to have a mini oven with teensy weensy cup cakes in them.
Chocolate mud cup cakes baked by me

That is all folks! 


  1. :)

    i know where Doll house came from

  2. This made me nostalgic...very very nostalgic.

    1. Thanks buddy! Sweet of you to drop in :)

  3. A Barbra Streisand comes to my mind:

    Like the corners of my mind
    Misty watercolor memories
    Of the way we were

    1. //Misty watercolor memories// I am her fan already!
      sounds like a lovely song, will listen to it tonight :)
      Thank youuuzz! :)

  4. * Oops.
    A Barbra Streisand song comes to my mind:

  5. I used to collect pebbles too :D lots of them :D
    I wish I could be as carefree as I was then.

    1. Wow!!! :) that's niceyy hi-five!
      Those were the days, na princess ? :)


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