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A stranger no more

Dear Ma,

I remember the day when Guppo aunty said to me “Beta, you know Ani is fairer than you” and laughed at me as if she got a fit. I also remember, when Ani pee’d on Papa’s quilt all you did was to ask Tamarai akka to clean it. Do you remember you scolded me for peeing on my new dress the same day? It was my birthday ma. I could forgive you but not Ani. I hated her.

When you and papa adopted her, granpa told me she was our little angel and he even named her Angel Ani. I did not like it. I used to be his “Chotu” “Chinnu” “Kuttu” and “Pattu” but when Ani came, she stole all these pet names from me. I was just Kavi or Kavitha from then on.
When guests came home, they always looked for Ani first. I used to be hiding behind your saree hoping they will call me too. I was not shy, ma. Just that no one needed to see me or talk to me. I used to be papa’s favourite until she came in our lives. Ani probably held a special place in papa’s heart that he even slept with Ani on the couch on most days.

As I grew, I found it harder to accept her in our lives. But no one else had any problems with her. Even our angry neighbour uncle liked Ani so much.

One day, when you, papa and granpa left to Pondicherry for a wedding, you left me here with Ani for a week at Ravi uncle’s place. I cried a lot that day. Everyone treated her like a princess. Ravi uncle’s son Jeeva also gifted Ani a bowl of chocos. He gave Ani a pet name and called her “Rani”. “Rani, my queen” he used to call her. I was devastated.

When I came back from school, Ravi uncle was not home, he and Jeeva had gone for their routine evening walk. Only Padma aunty was there at home that evening. I was in their garden, playing with the plants and the little lady bug I found. I felt lonely. I heard a hiss behind me. It was Ani. May be she felt lonely too. I turned to show her the lady bug I found in the garden. Do you know what Ani did ma? She took the bug from my hand and she ate it. Can you believe it? I cried and shouted. She was shocked. She licked all over my face, but that didn't pacify me.

Looking back at that incident, ten years later, I am laughing now, ma. I remember how I came to love Ani after that week you left us alone. A new friendship grew between us. She became my best friend and I love her so much, even more than you do.

I take her for morning and evening walks now that papa and you are away on a visit to Delhi. I miss you two but I couldn't be there with you due to my model exams. But, I assure you, I will study well. I won’t go skating this week, neither will I let Ani. I will take good care of her. I know you have stocked lots of Pedigree for Ani and lots of fruit loops for me. I will not feed her any fruit loops. Do not worry about Ani and me. She is not a stranger to me any more.

Lots of love from
Kavi and Ani
(She just licked my face again, ma!!!)

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  1. That's cool. I liked reading this post.

    1. Thank you, SG! Glad you liked it :) your comments mean a lot!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Vinitha! :)
      Welcome to the unruled notebook :) :)

  3. Aww! That's such a cute one. Didnt think that it was about this lil furry pet :)

    1. Thanks for reading Shilpa :) I am so glad you like it .. and yea I wanted to reveal that in the end :) :)


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