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Pro Bono

Team Writers' Den

Previous Chapter - Res ipsa loquitur
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He could see her directly ahead through the shimmering blue glass window of Cafe Hafooda in Saket. The afternoon sun streamed along from the western side, casting long shadows across the table. Cyrus glanced up at Jennifer and then down at his mobile. 

JJ liked Cyrus but she had a lot of questions in her mind. What was he doing? Secretly texting someone? Investigating without her help? Trying to solve something before someone else is on it?

She was on this case with him. She wanted to do this for herself and for that little child and may be something more than she could comprehend. Whatever was his rationale, JJ decided to confront him.
She spun herself around, sat down and found herself face-to-face with Cyrus. There was a sparkle in JJ’s eyes and Cyrus’s were menacing with thirst. Her tattoo seized Cyrus’s attention most. He was transfixed. There was some kind of ‘Ultra vires’ going on around them.

She spoke first “Cyrus?! I have some news.”

“Some coffee first? “, he blurted out.

“Listen Cyrus, I have got you some information on the Dutta family. It is getting stranger. Shekar’s parents live here in Delhi. Every single school-break, the kids visited them... The family is in Delhi now. Tara is shattered; she does not go to work anymore. Shekar does not move around. He is at home all the time. The other little one, Roohi, she is sick.”

Strictly business, he mused. But he already knew all of this. He needed some concrete information.

JJ took her memory card and placed it on the table. 

“I think of this little girl and these pictures all the time.” said JJ, trying to control her emotions in front of Cyrus.

Cyrus took the memory card and stuck it in his laptop, He looked around to see if someone was watching them and restlessly continued to open the file.

“How did you manage to take these pictures? Is this Shekar’s car?”

“No” replied JJ meddling with some gadget which looked like a remote control. “It is Tara’s. I took these with my DJI.” She pointed at the remote control.

He saw pictures of a little girl playing hopscotch. There were more than 30 pictures of her playing hopscotch and it was as if the girl was hop scotching her way to some other place. The area was an uneven surface filled with wild grass, bushy plants and thorns.

He made a note.

He tapped JJ’s little finger and asked flirtatiously “How about a long drive? Pro Bono

She thought ‘Pro Bono’ and nodded a “yes”.

That was the first time Cyrus met JJ and there was no looking back in their relationship. Life had much more in store for them than just Pro Bono. 


On a Friday...
In the night of a blue moon...
In the glare of a burning church...

The condescending master held his head high, took off his hood and thought about the burning fire. He was ecstatic. He imagined Satan would grant him more riches. Having raped a 9 year old and having burnt down the altar, made him lose his mind. This could unlock a secret in his ceremonial magic, he thought. He was swaying across the street to get to his car.
With its deep metallic blue colour, the master’s Maruti Swift was almost invisible at night. He had parked it conveniently near the church gate. When he got inside his car, he switched the engine on. There was a thump behind his seat. He adjusted his seat and switched the dome light on. He heard a chant “Esbat Aether Esbat Esbat Esbat”, a faint lowly voice kept chanting it. It was like an invocation rhythm. “Esbat Aether Esbat Esbat Esbat” He felt a churn in his stomach as the tone of the voice gradually increased. He switched the light off as he felt an unusual high. He felt a little horny too. He started chanting along, “*Esbat Esbat Aether Esbat…”
Suddenly as if Satan himself had descended on earth, in a quick motion, someone bent around and two dark eyes were peering at him. He felt a stabbing pain in his hands and in his spine; it then grew stronger and stronger until his orgasm to death finally stopped.

In the night of a blue moon...
In the glare of a burning church...

The new initiation took place. In three days, a resurrection will happen.


* Esbat - An esbat /ˈɛsbæt/ is a coven meeting of other than one the Sabbats within Wicca and other Wiccan-influenced forms of contemporary Paganism. Janet and Stewart Farrar describe esbats as an opportunity for a "love feast, healing work, psychic training and all." - Wikipedia
* Aether - According to ancient and medieval science, aether (Greek αθήρ aithēr[1]), also spelled æther or ether, also called quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.- Wikipedia


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  1. Brilliant writing Rohini! The way you unfurl the mystery of the master makes me read this post again and again.

    1. Thank you, Vinay! :) I am so glad it makes you come back here :D B-)

  2. Wow! This is some fabulous writing, Rohini! Loved the way you have shared the Master's mystery! Wonder what's in store for Cyrus and JJ. Great going! ♥

    1. Thank you, Shilpa!!! :) I am so glad you like it .... Team Writers' Den rocksssssssss!! B-)


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