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True to one's root - Super Star Rajinikanth

A hero in the movies and a hero in real life, a person every one of us can look up to. He is tantamount to the very personification of the word ‘Hero’.
All the fanfare this great man receives seems to leave only a trace of a humble, trademark smirk in his face. He is not one of those glitterati, waiting to get more famous at every passing opportunity.
My Favorite pic of Thalaivar - Source -
This subtlety and humility makes me want to worship the Superstar.  Of course, he comes from a humble background and all that but how many from the glamorous movie industry try to stay true to their roots?  Sophistication, big-city ways, peaks of popularity, unending and ageless fan following, box office hits, and all the praise can leave only one person unperturbed and it is our Superstar.
His iconic style and movie dialogues are much spoken of, all over the world. Although he is critically acclaimed for most of his movies, I have mixed thoughts about the ‘jokes’ that are aimed at him. However witty they might be, I do not enjoy them very much and for goodness’ sake, we are not talking Alia Bhatt here.  She digs her own grave and yes, she is very brave.

In Chennai central station one day, I visited the Higginbotham’s book place. I normally browse through the books here every time I travel from central and this time it was special, I bought a book. The name is what caught my attention - Rajini's Punchtantra: Business and Life Management the Rajinikanth Way. I grabbed a copy right away and started reading it as I paid for it. Before I could get inside the train, I had read the book twice. The idea of relating Rajinikanth’s famous punch dialogues to management philosophy just WOWs me.

See how some of the readers of Curiosity’s report of a ball found in MARS didn't spare the superstar here: :((

:|||| Pictures sourced from India Today

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  1. He is talented and humble. I agree. At the same time he is very lucky. Speaks Tamil with Kannada accent and Tamil people love that accent. Another actor, Kalyan Kumar (hero in Nenjil Ore Aalayam), spoke Tamil with Kannada accent. People ran him out of town.

    1. Oh yea... luck is a factor too :) I won't disagree... but superstar's charisma is beyond luck in my opinion :) his style of speaking Tamil was more important than his Kannada accent I guess, SG :)

      Thanks for dropping by :)

  2. He doesn't hide his age behind makeup, and wears simple attires even for movie-related functions. I like that simplicity in the man.

    Destination Infinity

    1. True, I too admire that quality of him :) Thanks for dropping by! :)


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