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Of Clichés, World Movies and Diwali

With theatricality and a superficial facial reaction, an underdog of the movie says “I have never seen anything like that”, stressing on the words never and anything with a slight tension in the epiglottis. Now, does that sound familiar? Talk about clichés!

OK. Tell me one thing folks, how does it so happen that in movies, moms are being portrayed as careless freaks? I am talking about that scene where a mother with a baby in a stroller is trying to cross a highway and this happens just about the same time as the hero’s quintessential action sequence of speeding comes into picture. What happens next is sheer insanity. In an almost ethereal instinct, the hero skids away with his car/bike missing the baby stroller only by an iota and lands perfectly on the other side of the road. Happy mom, happy baby, happy hero and trolled audience!

I started noticing such stereotypes lately due to the lack of interest in the stories the movies these days tell. On the other hand, I am a great fan of World movies, especially German. There is a certain exulted belief of reality in their movies. The emotions portrayed are simple and yet makes a banging effect. Talking of emotions, I should definitely mention “My mother, the mermaid”, a Korean movie which can be conveniently compared to a mellifluous rhythm. It is a time-travel love story about how an adolescent girl gets transported to the early years of her mother’s adolescent days and how she gets to see her parents’ love coming about and in the end she gets transported back to her present day. It is so beautiful that it makes you fall in love with your parents all over again.

Park Hae Il - It is pure bliss to watch him act! Picture source - Google Images

Turn that World Movies Channel ON guys! :) 

And wait, I have a diwali release - my new photo blog - Check it out too - Rewind and Play

Happy Diwali folks! :)


  1. Happy Deepavali to you and your family.

    1. Thank you, SG! Wish you the same.
      I am sure you had a wonderful Deepavali at Chennai :)

    2. Celebrated Deepavali in true Chennai fashion after many many years. When I was younger, Amma used to make sweets and kaaram at home. Now we bought at A2B (Adyar Ananda Bhavan.)

    3. That is lovely to hear, SG :)
      I too miss amma-made sweet kaarams, home and busvasnam, kambi mathaapu :)
      A2B - good choice :) :D


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