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Zoning out in 4...3...2...1...

Let me take you through a series of incidents here.

When I am arguing with my friends on a political topic, and when I am in the verge of winning it, in that intense moment, I get zoned out. I am teleported to another dimension like they show in the Interstellar movie. What do you think happens next? I smile, err, no, I grin as if I won the argument but what actually happened was the opposite and my friend called me nuts and a new argument began.

Zombie Zone, will be back to human arena in 3 2 1 0.... @@@

When I am watching a match, football match to be precise, the husband walks away for picking up the juice can from the fridge. I always watch TV like there are people sitting in it/ playing in it/ sleeping in it; both eyes peering and giving it the most attention possible. Well, when the husband comes back running I realize his favourite team just scored. I blink twice, thrice and look at him. He stiffens his brows and then I know, I was zoned out again. How could I do that in the middle of an abso-beeping-lutely thrilling match? O’Keefe or the Moser duo should tell me.

'Ain't I a cutie pie?' reaction :P

Now, dig on this one. I am in the middle of a driving lesson; I am being taught, if you were wondering. The instructor, very kind and patient urged me to practice on a highway on the second day I touched a real steering wheel. What confidence?! I was driving like a pro, until I spotted that hairy (Hay hay), devil faced, yellow truck that came straight at me. I didn't panic, nor did I brake. I just stared into the yellow eternity for what seemed forever and meanwhile the instructor had her side of the brakes hit at the right moment after yelling at me for what seemed like a hundred times (for her) and I zoned in when my hand hit the horn. The instructor’s expression was priceless.

That would be me in reality had she not hit the brakes :P


 So, this December, I will share the craziest, fun-filled, extravagant, creative, pompous and terrific thoughts of mine with you. I love to share my joy of writing with you and that is what it is all about, sharing is caring and sharing is joy. So, what gives me joy in zoning out you ask? Well, the precious reactions when I get back to reality on the faces of my friends and loved ones. It is worth it, I tell y’ all! :)

NaBloPoMo December 2014
A Joyous December begins :) 

*All the pictures are sourced from Google.


  1. Now that was a good one :) :)


  2. I would call zoning out as mind wandering. It is not a bad thing. It might lead to creative insights.

    1. Thanks SG... I am glad to hear that :)))

  3. hahahhahahah I LOVE YOU. I zone out in the middle of a court session. I am a terrible lawyer.

    1. Yayyy!!! hi-fiveyyy Red! :) :) I wonder how you would react when you zone in :D B-)

  4. Awesome post. So funny. Just loved reading it. Appreciate your concept. Thank u for the share,.

    1. Thanks a bunch, Shreya! :) Do drop by often :)

  5. Inspired from Walter Mitty?

    1. I thought Ben Stiller stole my story !!! o_O :D Nevertheless, I love that movie! :)


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