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I happened to visit the Kochi Muziris Biennale this year. Although my inclination to art is confined to my fascination towards Vincent Van Gogh and my love for graffiti, the experience of this visit gave me an insight on an artist’s perspective of art. All the art installations were unique, with a clear stamp of contemporary thinking paired with simplicity in them.
Here is a glimpse of what I witnessed at the Biennale - Some pictures and some tidbits :)

Picture 1 – A perfect view of the Fort as it meets the Arabian Sea with grace. It was a fine sunny day, beautiful skies and a lot of fishes swimming into eternity.

Picture 2 – At first, just like any other art-blind person would react, I was puzzled at this installation. From a distance, it just seemed like a big, round, blue wall-hanging. A closer look revealed a single meticulously knit, crumpled blue cloth which formed a perfect circle.

Picture 3 – I was transported to a different dimension when I stepped into this sepia-colored space. The lighting, an old boat, and thousands of old photographs lying on the floor gave this space a totally eerie aura.  I couldn’t get my eyes off the Asian woman in Picture 4spellbinding art work by Dinh Q Le.

Picture 5 – Although, I didn’t quite get the science behind the installation, I made sure I captured the movement as a GIF. J

Picture 6 – I am always charmed by shapes and designs in windows and constructions. French windows are amazing! This one here is not French but I love it nonetheless

Picture 7 – A Swastik Swiss Army Knife with all the accessories you need by Biju Joze

Picture 8 – Artha by Prasanth Pandey – an installation made from blood sample blades (At first look, I was amazed but after knowing these are blood samples, I did squirm a bit)


Picture 9 – The Life of Stars by Lindy Lee – An amazing metal spill installation that caught my attention

Picture 10 – This is one of the best of all the installations I saw in this Biennale. It was more like a theme-park experience where Ryota Kuwakubo's Lost#12 showed us the play with light and shadow. A must-see!

Picture 11 – This piece here gathered a lot of crowd as it was placed outside and the water was whirl pooling in a great pace. I have tried to capture a GIF out of it.

Picture 12 – Awed and Amazed! That was how I was when I looked though this mirror reflecting installation.

That's all folks! :)

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  1. It is amazing and awe-inspiring to see the artists' interpretations of regular things around us! All the captures are so beautiful and brilliant! Thanks for sharing, Rohini!

    1. You should visit one when you get a chance, Shilpa! It is amazing.
      Thank you so much :)

  2. Unique post. I enjoyed looking at the pictures.

    1. Thank you Ann! Glad you liked it! :)
      Please visit here often :)

  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

    1. Pleasure is mine, SG! :) Thank you for being an earnest reader of my posts! Really means a lot :)


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