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Lost in the tapestry of words, here I am, trying to comprehend where life has brought me. From the turbulent shores of Chennai to the tranquil backwaters of Kochi, the long and the short of it is that I have been chiseled by the cities I have visited and lived in.

o   Chennai – A place I’d love to go back to and live again, to relive, to replenish my heart with brimming nostalgia of MTC buses, Pillayar kovil, MCC, Air force ground, local trains, masala vada, Gulmohar trees, rainy days, the slang, jasmine flowers, curd rice and tamarind trees.
Pic sourced from here
o   Hyderabad – I lived here for not more than 6 months but this city taught a ‘na├»ve’ me how to be independent.
o   Coimbatore – A city that is culturally so strong it comes off through every citizen naturally, in their language, in their way of life.
o   Hong Kong – To just walk past the vast travelators in the airport and check out some the retail outlets and duty paid shops there, took me 22 hours. A beautiful middle-of-the sea landing, sky scrapers snuggling along with the port and a rainy rainy day – these are my nostalgic moments at Hong Kong.
o   Singapore – It is one of those places that made me feel at home, very much so because I saw people talking to each other in my native language Tamil. It is an amazing feeling. I love how much prominence people and government give to cleanliness and safety here. It is a city every other city in the world can learn from.
o   Sydney – Oh! What can I say about this city? I have literally fallen in love with the shores of Darling Harbour, the stairs of the opera house, the scent of Kent Street, the amazing aura of the Queen Victoria Building, the beauty of Burwood Park and the list would just go on and on…
Picture sourced from Poppy and pine cone
o   Charlotte – Although I haven’t seen much of this city, I have seen a very different part of America here. A happening and ‘hipster’ place which I couldn’t get enough of. Love to watch flights land and take off from the overlook point at the Charlotte Douglas Airport.
o   New York - People, more people and infinity. Getting lost into infinity and finding yourself again – well, that is my philosophy of what New York is. Time Square, Central Park, Flee markets, what not, you just get inebriated by the madding crowd- Which is exactly why I love this place!
o   Kochi – I don’t mind shamelessly repeating my most famous one-liner “A place where rain strikes and strikes rain” –That sums up Kochi for me and I am sure most of the Kochiites would agree with me. It is a place that grips you with its trance-like backwaters, great food and culture.

Which is the city do you love most? Share it here with me! :) Let us celebrate cities today! :)


  1. Thanks for your blog. I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and love it. I’m also taking part in the A-Z Challenge: Out of Africa,

    1. Hello Shirley! Welcome to my blog! Thanks a lot for dropping by! will definitely check yours out :)

  2. Of course San Francisco. Anyone visiting this city, will leave their heart here. Have you heard the song "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" by Tony Bennett?

    1. :) I knew you wouldn't name any other city, from what little I know you :D
      //Have you heard the song "I Left My Heart In San Francisco" by Tony Bennett?// No, I will give it a listen ... If I ever visit US of A again, I will be sure I make a trip to San Francisco! :)
      Thank you, SG!

  3. Your blog title caught my interest. Your Cities sent me to Google maps. And your enthusiasm will bring me back to find out what your "D" is.
    My favorite city is New Orleans, Louisiana. Full of music, good food, friendly people, and a party year-round.
    My second favorite city and first favorite hometown is Lakewood, Colorado. It is a suburb of Denver. We are in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, so we have mountains to the west and the prairie to our east. Both beautiful in their own ways.

    1. Hey Claudia! Welcome to my blog! :) I am so glad it caught your attention.
      I have heard about New Orleans... must be a great place as you know it..
      //We are in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, so we have mountains to the west and the prairie to our east// that sounds so beautiful. You are indeed lucky! :)

      Thanks again, keep visiting here..

  4. My favorite city is Charleston, SC. It's so beautiful, and I love all of the history. I haven't done much traveling, and even though I'd like to travel a lot more, I think Charleston will always be my favorite.

    1. I missed visiting Charleston during my trip to SC. Sounds like a great place!
      Thanks a lot for dropping by, Danielle! :)


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