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World Movies

When was the last time you laughed your hearts out? When was the last time you cried out loud? When was the last time you got inspired? When was the last time you got really excited?

A good movie makes you experience all the above and more. Some of the finest movies around the globe have the quality to move you to a great extent. Here is a list of movies that inspired me in one way or the other; some made me laugh, some made me cry so hard, some made me wonder and I have really grown to appreciate this art form called movie-making. It is indeed gifted craftsmen's work. Thanks to Goethe Zentrum and Alliance Francaise, I took the excuse of learning languages to the sheer pleasure of watching movies. 

Never miss a chance to watch one of these movies. Lie down on your couch with some friends and family, relax and give it a watch. I am sure these movies are worth it!

Picture source - Google Images

Good Bye Lenin - German

A Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - British

Das Boot - German

Schindler’s list - American

The lives of others - German

The Marriage of Maria Braun - German

The Miracle of Bern - German

Nowhere in Africa - German

Run Lola Run - German

Requiem for a dream - American

Sophie Scholl - The Last Days - German

Vier Minuten - Four Minutes - German

Kaadhalikka Neram Illai - Tamil

Padosan - Hindi

Amélie - French

Les Choristes – The Chorus - French

Wasabi - French

The White balloon - Persian

My Mother, the Mermaid - Korean

Blue Swallow - Korean

If you have a favorite list or if you like to recommend any world movie, please do so in your comments! :) 

That's all folks!



  1. I would add Love Story (Starring Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw) (Written by Eric Segal).

    I am surprised you did not find any Indian (Tamil) movies worth watching. You want to laugh your heart out? There is Kaadhalikka Neramillai. Me think.

    1. Hey SG, thanks for the comments.. o havent read/ watched love story.

      Btw, I conveniently left out Indian movies, especially Tamil movie because I have a huge list and I couldnt shortlist from them :) kaadhalika neram illa is a classic, so is thillu mullu, michael madana kamarajan.. and in Hindi we have so many too... these are so close to my heart, i couldnt choose :)

      But I will definitely include some and update the post.:) thanks a lot SG :) cheers

    2. The Gods Must Be Crazy, a 1980 South African slapstick comedy with a heart.


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