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Would you do the laundry?

“If you are asked to choose between doing the dishes and folding clothes, which one would you choose? “ – Ever tried asking such questions to your husband? If no, then you are either a person who has OCD or someone who doesn’t trust the husband or a self-obsessed person. Well, go ahead and call me judgmental, I don’t quite mind that because a fact remains a fact.

Imagine this situation – You and your husband are home, exhausted from the day’s work. You decide to cook a simple meal and head to the kitchen. The husband decides to relax in the couch for a while (not a bad idea at all!) In a few minutes, he wails out “I need some juice! I am hungry!”  The wife walks into the living room with a box of chips and a juice bottle.

You must have heard your mom mention this "I wish I had more than two hands" - Pic source google

There is another instance of some wives having to deal with creepy crawlies. Here is a sample conversation in a similar situation as above.

“Honey, I am hungry. Get the cookie box for me, will you?”

“Here… I am making Kichadi for dinner, I am exhausted” says the wife and walks back to the kitchen.

“Priya… Priya…. Quick quick, bring that broom here. There is a lizard lying near the coffee table.”

“I am in the middle of cutting veggies for dinner, come get the broom yourself”

“Come on, Priya, you know these lizards make me nauseous. Bring that broom first”

“OK.” Says Priya and comes to the living room with a knife and a broom.

A surprised husband asks “Hey! Don’t kill the lizard in the middle of the house with that knife. I just want you to get it out of my sight.”

“Hahaha! Very funny! This is for you to continue the veggie cutting in the kitchen. Sharing is caring, right?” she says as she grins.

“I hate to cut veggies and you know that!” he cries.

Priya pulls out a sachet of Ariel detergent and points to the laundry area.

“Now, that is my kind of chore” he says and heads to the washing machine with a wide grin.

They have a happy kichadi meal that night!
I have to admit that there are some pretty lazy women who lie on the couch demanding stuff too! But the point I am getting to is this - such simple instances can work up your mind and create a stressful relationship. So, start asking for help when you need it and offer to help whenever you can.
OK. Now tell me, would you do the dishes? Or do some laundry and share the load? :)
Pic sourced from Google

I am writing for the #ShareTheLoad activity at in association with Ariel.



  1. My hubby is the purchase manager and I am the queen cum maid of my kitchen.e have never felt 'who to do what'

    puzzle. any way sharing and caring is every body's desire. Right examples are quoted here.Nice.

    1. Thanks for the comments, Rudra. 'Queen of your kitchen' sounds wonderful!
      //sharing and caring is every body's desire// well said! :)

  2. I read your post. Since it is addressed to women, I am not making any comment.

    1. I realized only after reading your comment that in the first line of the post itself, I am addressing women :D But, I definitely meant for men also to read this post! :) Made my husband read it too :D :D
      Appreciate your comments. Thanks SG! :)


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