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Lipstick Stories and Socioscrolling

I don’t know if you have had the same problem, but the snag I come up against when I try to tell a story is where to begin it.

How do I begin a perfect story?  Fooling about too long or what do they call it – beating around the bush; well, that doesn’t help. Getting off the mark like a scalding cat trying to prove a point doesn’t help either.

I have read some stories that begin with striking, eyebrow-raising passages but the whole story that follows leaves you hanging in the middle of nowhere. If you are thinking “Where is this story heading?” then I have caught your attention. At least, I am happy I could bore you for a while. Haven’t done that in the past few months, you see!:)

This morning, I was Socioscrolling* in FB when I came across this contest which asked us to narrate a lipstick incident, or should I say a lipstick experience. Hundreds have been commenting real and fake stories to that post. One of the stories caught my attention as it began like this “I am a red lipstick girl! “ I went on to read the rest of the story in a jiffy. A few scrolls later came this - “Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend” and the one that had me in splits was this “50 shades of pink” - here, Ms. Pink innocently shares a cute lipstick story where she kisses her little niece and embarrasses her in her birthday party. This story made my day!!!

Source -

So, moral of the story is this – a story need not have cool words and perfect grammar. All it needs is a stunner of a beginning, lots of emotion and some innocence!

*Socioscrolling – I coined this word and it means scrolling your FB/ Twitter/ other social networking sites and reading through without liking/ tweeting/ commenting -a silent reader of sorts. Call me crazy, but you never know, oxford might just come to me for legalizing this word. 


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