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Soft, Sunlit Perfection

Five foolproof safety formulas for soft and supple baby skin

Formula 1

I got rid of scented lotions and talc after I came to know of the bountiful properties of good old Coconut oil. 

Rub in a bit of coconut oil between your hands; you will immediately notice how incredibly moisturizing it feels on your skin. As a face and body moisturizer for your baby, coconut oil is so much more hydrating than those average lotions you get in stores. Coconut oil penetrates deep into the layers of the baby’s skin and actually helps to strengthen underlying tissues. As it is quick absorbing, your baby won’t feel oily or greasy. So, the number one secret formula for my baby’s supple skin is pure coconut oil. With its anti-bacterial properties, it eliminates any worry about acne in future.

It is an amazing massage oil and lubricant. Highly recommended for the little love bubbles! Your baby wouldn't need those perfumed lotions and talc anymore. 

Formula 2

Soft as silk, you say? Think again.

I would rather you consider you say ‘Soft as Cotton’ instead. Cotton is one of the safest fabrics to use when you have a little one around. It is precisely an all-season fabric that manages to treat your baby’s skin the natural way. Cotton wipe clothes, cotton shirts, pants, cotton pads and all things cotton comes handy so frequently that it will make you think why you haven’t been cotton-farming all this while.

Try using cotton pads to wipe your child’s face gently with lukewarm water, it freshens them up in a jiffy. Every time you change a diaper, instead of using scented, chemicals-infused wet wipes, try wiping your baby with a soft, quick absorbing cotton cloth dunked and squeezed in warm water. Say goodbye to rashes!!!

Formula 3

“Eat fruits and nuts? You are what you eat!” - Whoever said this must be a vitamin-deficient, malnutrition-ed human being living in a deserted island somewhere near Somalia.

Fruits and nuts are the safest and the best way to keep your baby’s skin intact. The vitamins that the baby gets from a breastfeeding mother cannot be undermined and that is why mothers are advised to have a healthy diet, rich in Vitamin E. A growing baby or toddler needs a daily dietary intake of 4 to 5 mg of Vitamin E.

Source -

So, nursing moms, go feast on avocados and almonds without feeling guilty about it! Also, find a way to make broccoli and asparagus appealing to your children. Add them in their pizzas, perhaps?

Formula 4

What is that one habit every parent wants their child to lose? Most of them would say either ‘sucking thumbs’ or ‘biting nails’, I bet!

Oftentimes, I wonder how a simple thing as cutting your child’s nails can be overlooked. OK. You don’t have time? For heaven’s sake, hire someone to do the job! Although I might sound a little too sarcastic there, it is a raging fact that most parents ignore their child’s growing nails. We all know it is a battle but what they grow along with those tiny sharp-edged weapons are bacteria.  

Source - here

Apart from exposing your child to unknown bacteria, you also let them scratch themselves with those nails; both of which are a threat to soft skin.

Formula 5

Kids love their toys and are very possessive about them too. Not all toys are safe for children. Choose them wisely; get those toys that are easy washable. You get machine washable toys which are easy to maintain. Some soft toys contain extremely fibrous stuffing which are dangerous for asthmatic children. So, be careful when buying, wash them before using and clean them frequently. These are some ways to keep your snugly baby smiling.

That's all folks!

Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.


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