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The Boomerang - Meet Kat and Oomba from the Blue mountains

The cheery bunch started off after having buttered raisin toast and piping hot mocha for brunch to Katoomba – The Blue mountains for a Sunday trip.

Sunshine was seeping through the clouds as we made our way to the mountains... here is a glimpse of our day trip to the easily accessible, soothingly beautiful and a blue-y paradise near Sydney in New South Wales.

"I am KAT and he is OOMBA" said the gentleman in green shirt. I don't know their real names but that moment is framed and kept safe in my memory attic and I am so glad they posed for me :)

We were on our way to witness the beauty of the Blue Mountains and also to catch sight of the much talked about, legendary, 3 sisters.

The mighty tall trees which almost gave shade to the next street!

A fine summer day it was.

Beauty in full bloom

This place clearly has a lot more to offer for tourists than just a plain view.

An easy trail through the giant stairway to the 3 sisters spot.

The shadows and reflections fell upon us while we were ambling across one of the vast, widespread, mesmerizing range of mountains in Sydney which are indeed blue in color.

I wish I had taken just a little longer at this spot to breathe in and do some meditation of sorts but my friends were marching onward and I didn't want to get lost.

The Three Sisters Lookout point- A view from a distance.

I zoomed in to check out the details and I saw people walking out there in between those humongous boulders :)

3 Sisters - The Folklore
Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo, the three most beautiful women in the Jamison Valley belonged to the Katoomba tribe which was orthodox and believed in the law of the land. The ignorant sisters fell in love with three men from the neighboring Nepean tribe. This was considered taboo according to tribal law of Katoomba and marriage was forbidden. The men in were smitten by love and so they decided to forcefully capture them without the tribe’s consent. A major tribal battle ensued which resulted in a catastrophe. The three sisters were turned to stone by an elderly tribal with an intention to protect them but before he could turn them back, he was killed in the fighting. No one else could turn them back either. 
       My take on the myth associated with 3 sisters - Sourced from wiki


"I am the king of Katoomba and the rest of you are immigrants! "

Surreal Twilight in the blue mountains


That's all for now, folks! Next in boomerang, I shall take you through the scenic spots in the Blue mountains. Remember ? I told you this place has a lot more to offer. Be ready to take the exciting scenic rides with me!

Your's peppery explorer ;)



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