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Our little infinity

It was a beautiful day. “When a day starts like this, it is all uphill from here” said Zach Galifianakis in Due Date and I couldn't agree more! (Sorry Rob. Downey Jr.)
This quarter of 2014 has been amazing and all social for me. I got into two team challenges, got to organize a dinner of huge scale at work and now I am part of this wonderful team doing a CSR activity at a school (Ignore the jargon, I hate this term myself). I like calling it Happy Hours :)

We went to a school this Tuesday. The journey was unfathomably exhausting because before we could reach the school as planned, at 10 AM, we had to go through a car breakdown, some last minute surprises, some last minute shocks, mobile switch off's and all this while scorching sunny boy was shining right down at us. I made it sound simple, right? :)  Well, it wasn't; but every single minute we spent in the school with the vibrant and talented children made it worthwhile.

Now you might ask "What did you do there?"

We quickly set up the projector and speakers (with Woofers) by the time the children assembled in the auditorium. It was a lower primary school and there were curious eyes asking us the same question “What are you going to do?” We had prepared a small ice breaker of sorts and before we could begin, there was an interesting question “What is that?” asked a little one looking at the woofers and one of his friends  in turn replied “That’s the thing which beats dhum dhum, haven’t you seen that, you silly fellow”. All of us started laughing and the kids clapped hands, they broke the ice in no time. Awesome! So, the kids spared us with 10 minutes of time and we in turn spared them off a ITish (boring) ice breaker. They were all geared up for what we had in store for them.

I just love the curious, sparkling eyes searching for something from everywhere. It makes us want to share more goodness with them.

We showed them three interactive videos (in Malayalam) because it was a Malayalam medium school and it was a huge hit amongst the kids. They in fact answered every single question which the cartoons asked as part of the video. It was amazing to see such untainted innocence, a breath of fresh air, you see :)

Then came the most interesting part, the main agenda of the day - Cleaning Drive and Veggie plantation in the school campus. The children were very sharp, helpful and they learnt things in a jiffy. They cleaned their classrooms and segregated the waste in the right trash bins as we instructed. 

We made them do the saplings plantation and named each sapling after them and asked them to make sure they took real good care of their plant. They dotingly agreed! We planted tomatoes, eggplants, spinach and plantains. In a few months time, their mid-day meal should look more interesting. 

Promotion of sports is another essential factor of our visit. Children were enthralled to see the footballs we had brought along. One of our group mates, a pro footballer in tournaments at work had a ball of a time with them. Literally :D

This experience left us, and the children wanting for more. So, we have decided to visit them again, teach them new things, learn new things from them and paint the town red.

As one of my friends aptly quoted John Green for this activity "Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. We cannot tell how grateful we are for our little infinity" 


  1. Just one word. Excellent. What CSR means?

    1. Thanks SG!:) being around so many children was an amazing experience.
      CSR - Corporate social responsibility

  2. Do not know your email address. If you write to my email address, I want to write you on an important matter. Thanks.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I like the veggie planting initiatives taken in schools. I hope this will inspire children to grow kitchen garden and eat organic veggies in future.

    Destination Infinity


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