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I like the letter ‘E’ of all the alphabets. I had umpteen choices of words and great many ideas swimming across my head. I wanted to write about Easter Eggs, Elephants, Eskimos, Emptiness, What not! But something made me shelf all these lovely topics and choose this word Elflock. Guess why?


Picture sourced from Google


This morning, in the shower, I witnessed Apocalypse!!!

Picture sourced from Google. Hair color modified.


This is how my hair looks like after it is completely dry. A Velcro manufacturing unit might approach me to discuss their business prospects; I see a great future ahead of me *Sob* *Sob*

Picture sourced from Google

I have been trying some hair treatments at home. I smear the magical concoction of coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil which smells more like X - *I don't want to mention it*. After the oil is absorbed and half of it covers my face, I put on the highly recommended special hair mask. The ingredients for the mask are - Egg whites (3), Thick-set yogurt(one small cup) and the juice of 2 big lemons. This one certainly smells better. After washing all of this off and emptying the water tank, I dry my hair naturally with a soft turkey towel. Finally, I look at the mirror hoping my hair would look divine like this:


Picture sourced from Google

or at least like this Smurfette:

Picture sourced from Google

But, this is what I actually look like - A Frizzy Fizz:

Picture sourced from Google


My encounter with bad hair days is getting so monotonous that I thought I will share and vent out some.


Do people really have hair like Merida, Rapunzel, Medusa, Princess Jasmin and Smurfette?

Do men have bad hair days?






  1. Very interesting. I don't think men have bad hair days - they not only have short hair but also 50% of them are like Kojak.

    1. Thanks for the comments, SG!
      //they not only have short hair but also 50% of them are like Kojak.// This one had me cracking up like crazy :D :D I can't help but agree with you :)

  2. I'm a little bit jealous that you have that much volume and body in your hair. My hair is straight and flat, I can't imagine how greasy it would look if I put those treatments on it. Doesn't it seem like everyone wants the hair they don't have? I try to curl mine, my sister has curly hair and straightens it.

    I don't think men have bad hair days. Just another thing they don't have to deal with.

    1. Please don't be unless you like frizzy hair... I definitely agree that everyone wants the hair they don't have. :D But all I wish for is maintainable hair :)

      //Just another thing they don't have to deal with.// :D True that! My brother doesn't even comb his hair, he just brushes it with his fingers and still manages to look cool! :O *face-palm*


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