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Motivated by an Italian who collected Australian coins; my interest for Numismatics began as a competition. Anto, my Italian friend used to collect these 2 dollar coins, specifically. He had a huge collection of other coins too, but at that time, his fascination was confined to this. As an instinctual move, after seeing his passion for these 2 dollar coins, I started collecting them involuntarily. Every time I got coins for change, I checked for 2’s and made sure I saved them in a separate purse.

After a while, when we were at home, eating the yummy pasta ricotta cooked by Anto himself, I showed him my collection. He was completely impressed. :) He was so impressed that he shared some of the doubles he had and also gave me some exotic coins from other countries. That was the starting point for me!!! After that incident, I became a coin collecting maniac. When I used to travel a lot and when I saw people from different countries, all I wanted to ask them was to give me one coin from their country’s currency. Well, that didn't quite work out for obvious reasons.

Here is a glimpse of my hobbyist collection :) and to ward off all the evil eyes of other numismatists, I am using a red background! ;) :D

By the way folks, I do exchange doubles with friends, purely for fun and not commercial!!! Anybody game? :)

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  1. Nice collection. I am impressed. Do you have American $2 bill or coin?

  2. Hey SG! Thanks.. and No i dont have either. I have got one dollar coins and bills but no 2s.


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