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A Travel Memoir

Ever Yours,

This will be a memoir of my visit to my favorite place in the world. I won’t make it a schmaltzy, nostalgia-struck narrative; I want this to be both a fond memory and a useful guide.

Picture taken when I was taking the Cahill walk - Amazing view from up there!!!

Sydney is not just a city; it is a lot of things.  
I am in love with a city; vivid and happening, full of life, dreams, lush green landscapes, koalas, kangaroos and of course the Opera house!!!

Picture taken at Feather dale National park

When I first landed there I was literally broke and I barely knew a soul. But the city taught me to think, learn, explore and live. Sydney is not just a city; it is a lot of things. The most beautiful thing about this place is that it you can be as independent as a bird. The culture is absolutely contagious. You’d be wondering what would be the culture of a city that is as diverse as this one?!  Well, haven’t you heard of the 3B’s???

Koala posing at Feather dale National park

Beer, Beaches and Barbeque!!!

When the clock strikes 5, you can find a good percentage of the city people hanging out and having beer. The spirit is inimitable!!! You can’t find it elsewhere.
It is a pleasure going to the beaches in Sydney, Bondi and Manly are absolutely amazing. You could see hundreds of people, their bodies smeared with Zinc oxide swarming the Bondi beach even when the temperature is a soaring 48 degree C.  I love it!!!
If Australia is not declared as the barbeque nation yet, I would appeal the concerned to do so. Well, as the sun crawls down, Sydney prepares for a smoky extravaganza. This happens mostly on Thursdays and Saturdays, which is why I love both days. On the darker side, this is one reason why I hate to be a vegetarian. I tried barbequed eggplants and zucchinis though…

Tips for those who are travelling to Australia:

  • Bring some Australian Currency along to avoid any trouble. Also have your credit, debit cards loaded. My forex card was not activated which landed me in big trouble
  • Be an Australian when you are ‘down under’, wear your sunscreen. Summers can get pretty steamy there, especially in Sydney
  • Pack smart. Don’t carry a lot of eatables and even if you do, remember to mention it in the Australian Customs and Quarantine form in the airport
  • Visit this website – it was extremely helpful for me to find a place to stay in a reasonably good Suburb
  •  Join the Australian community pages in Facebook and other social networking sites
  • Read about the suburbs and choose one before landing in Australia, it will spare you the headache


In my next post, I will share my experience of how I landed in Australia with only a few bucks and made it to the Sydney CBD!!!
P.S: All the pictures which I post in this series will be the ones taken only by me :)


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