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The Boomerang - My favorite coffee place

I hope you read about the crisis in my affairs when I had arrived in Sydney.  That was just the beginning!!!


A random sense of excitement, anxiety and hunger struck me. I freshened up a bit. My 14th floor serviced apartment in Meriton had a fascinating view from the living room. It was the first time I felt so high (Literally).  You couldn’t compare it with anything, Apart from the view; the apartment had a television-set, a cozy bed, and a furnished kitchen. All that sounds sophisticated but the only thing that I didn’t have at that time was money, to get some food. Nevertheless, I had thought, wouldn’t there be bread and butter for 30 dollars?! I wandered along the pavement of Kent Street, feeling very empty and small.  

Sydney is a very friendly city, I must say.

I was led to a T junction, and it was another street. In ten minutes, I knew George, Elizabeth, York, Clarence and Hunter. Yes, all street names; I did one full round of the Sydney CBD and I was lost. I looked around, and saw huge buildings; Ernst and young, Allianz, this and that. Finally, I spotted a huge ancient type building, beige in color, which looked to have sculpted domes and walls. I walked straight in and I knew I was making my way up to some historic building. Realization struck when I saw that I was following and was followed by a human stream when I reached the middle of the building where an amazing chandelier-like-humungous-clock was placed. Eventually, I found that I was in this massive place called Queen Victoria Building – QVB, ‘Wow’s flowed from my mouth like molten lava.

A picture from the first floor of QVB taken by me
The Majestic clock
My hunger pangs took over and my senses were fading. Yet, there was a mesmerizing aura, a strong fragrance of coffee and maybe bread?!  Just like how they show in the movies, the smokey-coffeey aroma pulled me in the direction of that magical place. There it was. A long queue, a breathtaking aroma, and angels dressed in black serving coffee and pretzels. It was a divine feeling. I did pranayama ("extension of the breath") the whole time I waited. Finally, I found that place, a place which served the best coffee in the world as I know it. Lüneburger, the German Bakery.

There was not one single day when I visited Sydney CBD and I didn’t go to this place (Which is almost every day as my office was in the CBD), I used to quaff hot mocha every day from the German bakery.  

I won’t say “If I ever go back to Sydney, I’d go to the German bakery for a coffee” I’d rather like to recommend all those who are in Sydney and those visiting, not to miss this place. Please go!!

Eat out places in Sydney CBD:

QVB – Coffee shops to  chatime to ice cream pubs to cupcake bakery you find a lot of things here, just follow your nose

The Westfield mall in George street offers great dining options and it’s just a few yards away from the town hall station

For the chocolate lovers and the chocolate haters, go to this place to have a... What should I say, a ‘Yummmmm” experience. The place is Max Brenner. It is just across the Clarence Street.


Here are some pictures of the German Bakery:
The German Bakery

Hot Café Mocha

For all those who are wondering why I always talk about food, all I have to say is you guys have a good sense of humor.  :)


In my next post, I will be telling you how I found my way to an Indian restaurant and how I landed up eating Sushi !!!



  1. see a coffee place...and the two ladies in black at the German bakery look like twins :P
    and you ate Sushi eh...waiting to check out that expression!! lol ;)

    1. hehe :) that was quite an experience re...
      Yea they do look alike :P from the back :P :D

  2. My office is in that alliance building :D
    I go through QVB every single morning... ohh the smell of fried fish and cakes!!! yummmm :D

    1. Cool... I don't know about the fish part, Princess, love QVB otherwise :)

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