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The Boomerang - Cahill Walk - A Perfect Weekday Getaway

Sydney is glorious during spring and I sure made the most of it. On a pleasant day in the spring of 2011, after a quick brunch at home, I headed over to circular Quay to see the Opera House for the umpteenth time. Not that I was bored or something; Opera house always offered something new every time I visited, so with high hopes and some chips to munch on, I marched towards the Burwood station, to hop on to the metro.

When I got down at the Circular quay station, I quickly looked for my coffee spot and had my dose of caffeine for that hour. Travelling alone has its own perks, you get to hop in and hop off anytime, anywhere you like, you can drink coffee all the time, you can doze off  in the metro not knowing you missed your stop and the list goes on . Why, wouldn't you?

Enticed by the majestic view of the Opera house, again, I fell in love with Sydney. This time around, I wanted to keep walking, all the way to get to see the other side of the view. So, I decided to make the climb.
The Harbour Bridge Climb – I was more or less broke, travelling like a nomad in the streets of Sydney and quite naturally, I did not have enough money to make the climb. It must be for the glitterati tourists who came from all over the world, I had thought and kept walking...  

Sydney sure did not disappoint me, as there was indeed a walkway besides the Harbour bridge for people to enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the Opera House and its surroundings. It is called the “Cahill walk” which covers the Harbour Bridge itself, Pylon lookout, The Rocks, Circular Quay, Opera House, Macquarie Street and the Botanic Gardens. “What more can I ask of from this scenic walkway?” I muffled and happily trotted along.

The Cahill Walk Points

Here are some pictures from the Cahill walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This walk was indeed my favorite weekday getaway as I never missed a good weather day to walk here during my stay at Sydney.

A scenic walkway in the center of the city

The view is pretty as this picture

Buzzing traffic

Do you see a Pink Limo? I was lucky to capture a wedding reception from up there

How I wish I lived in one of these buildings ;)

An Observatory

Picture taken from the lookout point

A walk to remember

The Serene Quay

A lucky shot

Half the Skyline

One of my favorite pictures of Opera House taken from the Harbour Bridge

 Thank you for the experience, Sydney !!!


Do you love walking along the coast? Next in the Boomerang series, I shall take you to the walks around Sydney which are not very far but are breathtakingly a punch full of natural beauty and lustrous landscapes. Come with me….


  1. this looks like a pretty cool walk to. Haven't done it yet. On my list now :)


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