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The Boomerang - Santa Maria Madre de Dios

Being an Indian, I always thought I was very used to diversity in general but little did I know that I would live with people from all over the world in this little granny flat in Sydney. Ana, a single mother of 2 kids is a Maori from New Zealand, Teresa, her husband Sebastian and their little son from native Australia, Amy and her little son Mion from Japan, Amy’s boyfriend from Cambodia, Landlord Eddy and his Father-in-law who came to be my friend both Chinese, Versha my friend an Indian and a few other fellow Indians and Anto, an Italian. I reckon that sums it up; we were an assorted pack of exotic chocolates in a box. 

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I turned around astonished at the use of some strong statement made in some unfathomable language. There he was, Anto, a perfect Italian blend I had thought at the first sight of him. Deep set ocean blue eyes with a twinkle, some freckles on his face showing that he is a hard worker and a jaunty air in the way he carries himself. That was all I could observe of him before his appearance faded and the gem of a person in him stole the show, forever.  And I had been thinking that the clichéd adage “beauty comes from within” was hollow.

He didn't believe in the subtleties of a formal introduction it seemed, as he went on to inquire about my finger. I told him I hurt myself when cutting Okra and I had a dressing done by the ambulance service. He didn't quite wait for me to complete the story as I saw him walking hastily towards Ana’s room. “Hey Ana, come on outside” he shouted. When she came out, Anto ordered “Let us take Oyini to the clinic, she need to take the injection”. Ana hesitated, Anto commanded and in five minutes, I and Ana were on his car on the way to a nearby clinic. He asked Ana to stay alongside me and went to park his car outside. I got my tetanus injection and some more dressing and walked out with a clear head. I was waiting to thank Anto all this while, but never got a chance. As soon as we were back on his car, he asked if we had lunch. Both of us said “No” so he took us to a Pizzeria in Strathfield and bought us some yummy Pizza. He dropped us both back home and said he was off to work for a shift.

I was exhausted but I kept thinking about what happened in the day. I asked Ana about Anto and she told me he lived in the room right next to hers and that she has never met a gentleman like Anto ever in her life. I was only about to find out. The following week, I happened to meet him in the dining room and I didn't want this occasion to pass without saying a few words of gratitude.  After my extremely equilibristic acts in the preceding week, I thought it would be good to talk to someone who came out of the blue to help me.

“Hey Anto! How are you? I just... “

“Hiyaaa ROyeeni… Care for some coffee?”

“Sure, why not? Well, I wanted to tha”

“Look who is comin!” said Anto suddenly, as my Chinese friend walked into the light of the open kitchen door saying “Ok? All Okay?”  I quite didn't mind the interruption as I continued telling him I am Ok and I was surprised to see Anto also talk to him in the same language. After a shower of ok-ing poured out of our mouths, the three of us realized how funny it was and we started giggling. I noticed how both their eyes disappeared when they laughed. It was quite a light moment that we shared and I am glad I remember this.

It would take me a thousand posts to tell everyone about Anto. He was charming and honest, he was compassionate and he always carried an “I am here to help” smile which is surprisingly genuine. I will however share with you my dear readers, those moments with Anto that made it worthwhile for me during my stint there at Sydney.

A Real Espresso

How to make Pasta?

Fresh Ricotta

Spit roast

Little bay Fishing

Christmas Lights

Boarding a Sydney bus for the first time – An Escapade

He hates cumin

His beautiful little girl child

His stories about Italy

Eggplant Barbeque

Lettuce for snack

Santa Maria Madre de Dios

A getaway to Burwood Park – Eating Chips

The shape you see up there (Please zoom out in case you don't see it), was not intentional at all, but I am ecstatic how it turned out, just like me; a girl in a foreign country – Naïve and carefree J


It awes me how people can be so selfless and angel-ish!!! I am indeed lucky to have met such people in my life. Thank you Anto, for this experience! Thank you, Sydney!

The posts coming up next in the Boomerang series is every traveller's dream. Keep visiting! 


  1. A feel good post dearie :)

    Light a anne of green gables story setting nayabagam varudu :) :D :D

  2. Thank you Deeps :)
    I wanna read Anne of green gables againnnnnnnnn .. :)


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