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The Boomerang - A Pause, a reflection and…

One should not hold on to stuff that one needs to let go. I know I want to let go of a lot many things and honestly speaking, I am working on changing and that's why I am writing this series. I want to be able to release all my anxiety and just enjoy my existence. I am enjoying the process of figuring all this out. It's just takes time. Eventually I'll get my thoughts, emotions and life aligned.
Too much philosophy??? Okay, I will get right to the story now!!!

That' s me gulping down a burger at Sydney airport

It was a bit of a drizzle when I stepped out to get a taxi. Searching for the taxi stand, I started walking. There were so many cars going out and coming in; all big ones. I couldn't figure out which a taxi was. I thought about how easy it was to spot an auto in India (Black and yellow, not so mellow). A couple of cars just drew close and stopped. Both had taxi caps!! Voila!!  I gave him the address and told him I had only US currency with me. He thought for a long time and then nodded. I knew what he was thinking but then, he didn't seem queer. So I hopped in blissfully, for the first time breathing in a bit of Sydney.

A lucky shot... took it from inside the taxi ...great bike and great bike gear!!! 

Pictures are my memories - taken on the way to the city from airport

Like a kid going to Disney land for the first time, I was thrilled. That cheery moment is still fresh in my mind. As usual, when I am excited, I don't observe much. So the journey of how my taxi entered Sydney Central Business District is a blur. It is crazy how the taxi driver asked for a whooping 60 US dollars and I gave it to him without any questions. No doubt the journey was long but never expected it to be that expensive. Oh, come on, don't be a miser, I said to myself and entered the most ravishing building in the Kent Street, Sydney – The Meriton Kent.

The aura was foreign to me. It must be the scent of some expensive freshner, I had mused. All this while did I mention I was holding 2 big suitcases and a duffel bag and a hand bag with just 2 hands??? Yes, as soon as I realized it, I dropped them off in the entrance and walked briskly to the reception. As the queue faded, I faced a lovely lady with a bright smile. She asked me how she can help. I told her. I was asked to pay first. It was a business trip or should I call it "an onshore assignment”and I had to pay a percentage of the lodging costs. I showed a "Well-Well-Of course-why not?!’ expression similar to that of Rowan Atkinson in ‘Bean’ and dug my bag. With great style, I gave her my Forex card, you should have seen the pride on my face.

Man only proposes, and who disposes? …  Yes, that's exactly what happened, the warmth in the receptionists smile faded and she told me that my Forex card didn't work. And and and I had only 30 dollars left. A perfect “Nani nani boo boo” moment. OKAY. I literally grew weak on my knees wanting to drink some water. I excused myself and let the shock sink in. Then came the challenge of finding a phone booth, calling my manager and get back to Meriton and all this by a direction-incompetent me.

Simply, Sydney - Picture taken by me from the circular quay late October 2010

The traffic signals were so tourist friendly; I called up my manager from a borrowed mobile of a kind-hearted gentleman and  I'd be allowed to get inside my apartment in Meriton without paying the bills that day, or at least that moment. I thanked my stars and all those who helped me and got in. It was the 14th floor. My adrenaline rush came to a stop and I felt like crashing that moment. But can a broke person afford a shut-eye? No way. I called up my boyfriend (now-husband) from the apartment telephone and told the story.
You know why I thanked my stars? It was my birthday that day– October the 12th 2010 and I shall remember that day forever.

A pause, a reflection and a memory!!!  Thanks for that, Sydney!!!

A vivid flower in full bloom, gave me a warm welcome - Pic taken by me

Thanks for reading!!!  I did take my luggage from the entrance to my apartment :)


  1. nice to read something written by you after a long time roh! keep writing more!

  2. ahhh as I read this.. I could imagine how you would have felt :D we are like destiny's favorite 'prank' child :P kuch na kuch gadbad hota rehta hai :P


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